• Investigating the aspects of public conduct or morality of the company’s staff, of those to be hired:
    Compatibility of candidates or employees with job requirements.
    The state of loyalty and fairness of the employees under the report:
    Fulfilling professional tasks
    Absence at work citing untrue reasons (declares sick, family events)
    The way he respects professional secrecy
    The way it acts or not to promote the company’s image
    Investigation and supervision of potential business partners in terms of solvency or seriousness in fulfilling the obligations assumed by the contract and insurance against risks:
    Ensuring protection against leakage of secret service information from the sphere of the economic agent.
    Investigation and supervision of assets that are the subject of civil or criminal disputes, alienated in order to harm the interests of society.
    Consultancy and operational assistance for the identification of bad payers in order to recover by legal means the debts to the company.
    Undercover physical surveillance, respectively observation and direct contact by the private detective, infiltrated next to the subject under a false identity.
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