• Investigations and supervision of persons regarding public conduct and morality:
    Complex checks on the future spouse, son-in-law / daughter-in-law.
    Checks regarding the fidelity of the spouse.
    Checks on children’s behavior, entourage and hidden concerns.
    Investigative activities regarding solvency or seriousness
    Investigations about the goods that are the object of some litigations of civil or criminal nature, alienated in order to prejudice the interests of some parties in the process.
    Identifying and investigating the person by the registration number of the driven vehicle, at a certain moment.
    Identifying relatives, people known occasionally.
    Investigating the legal or social situation of some buildings, the evolution of properties, special events, etc.We offer detection services for microphones, video cameras and other interception devices. The detection is made both in offices and in private homes or cars.Other situations or similar states of observation, pursuit, supervision and investigation in connection with the persons, goods, facts, data and circumstances that are the object of this activity, with strict observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens as well as legal provisions.
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