THIRD EYE is a private detective agency in LONDON with specialized and certified staff, which through specific investigation activities, studies and investigates your case, ensuring first of all the confidentiality of the investigation.

The quality of the agency’s services is guaranteed by the professionalism and training of each private detective, with experience and specialists in the economic, legal and technical fields.

Our detectives use high-performance techniques that allow us to obtain the most conclusive evidence and to deal professionally with the most difficult cases.

THIRD EYE PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • FREE initial consulting;
  • the special quality of the services provided;
  • immediate availability in taking over your case;
  • maximum effectiveness in solving cases.

EYE DETECTIVE offers its beneficiaries individuals and / or legal entities the same high standard of discretion and confidentiality as well as the professional advice of the coordinating case detective in order to solve personal, professional or other problems, with which our beneficiary requested the agency.

THIRD EYE DETECTIVE guarantees complete discretion on the part of its staff regarding the entrusted cases and the complete confidentiality of the action carried out by the agency. The EYE DETECTIVE staff consists only of professional private detectives, with extensive experience in the field.

THIRD EYE DETECTIVE is guided by high moral norms so that every client – to benefit from a strict confidentiality – to be sure that our company acts within the limits of the law – to benefit from our services 24h / 24h. The client is the only beneficiary of the information requested and obtained by our teams.

Professional standards of the 3TED Private Detective Agency:


  • the private detective offers his knowledge, experience, skills and abilities;
  • the private detective provides the client with complete and accurate information regarding the services performed;
  • the private detective respects the client’s beliefs, religious and political choices;
  • the private detective acts in cooperation with the client in the aspects regarding the investigation he is carrying out.


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